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Mental Health Word Match

Alicia Slater, LMFT

Review of group discussions to see what patients have learned while attending groups.

1Jumping to Conclusions _____Anxious Statement
2Can't Control Constant Worries _____Boundaries
3Irritability _____Negative Self Statement
4Use of "I" statements is.... _____Symptom of Depression More Common In Men
5Use of "you" statements is...... _____Depressed
6Walking is a positive coping skill for _____Assertive Communication
7Poor thoughts of self is _____Women
8Unusually "up" or "hyper" is _____Depressive Statement
9Bubble bath could be used as _____Symptom of Anxiety
10Are more likely to suffer from depression _____Manic Mood
11Feeling sad or "empty" _____Aggressive Communication
12Aches, pains that do not seem to ease _____Anxious
13If you have a hard time relaxing, you may be _____Symptom of Depression More Common in Women
14If you feel hopeless or overwhelmed, you may be _____Symptom of Depression
15Good Mental Health can _____HelpYou Enjoy Life More
16Everyone Has _____Talk Or Tell Someone Immeditiatly
17Used along with therapy to improve success _____Unhealthy Thought
18If you have thoughts of suicide _____Anxiety and Depression
19Setting limits with self and others _____Relaxation
20I am a wonderful, important person _____Negative Self Image
21No one loves me and I am all alone _____Medication
22I am fat ugly and unlovable _____Positive Self Statement
23I feel nervous and shaky _____Mental Health

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