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Unit 1.1 Review

Sherly Cruz

This was made to help study for the Unit 1.1 summative in Mrs.Barrey's 7th grade Pre-AP class.

What is the difference between an element & a compoud? All cells originate from pre-existing cells.
What two elements do Organic Compounds have to contain to be deemed 'organic'? A cell that is not microscopic is an ostrich egg.
Is CO2 (carbon dioxide) an Organic Compound? All living things are made up of cells.
Identify what all living things are made up of. The two elements that organic compounds have to have to be deemed 'organic' are Carbon (C) & Hydrogen(H)
What is the smallest unit of life? The difference between an element & a compound is that elements are made up of one type of atom & can't be broken down any more while compounds are made up of two or more types of atoms& can be further broken down
Where do all cells originate from? An example of a unicellular organism is bacteria.
Not all living things are multicellular.To be alive, an organism must have at least one cell. Give an example of a unicellular organism. The smallest unit of life is a cell.
Not all cells are microscopic. Give an example of a cell that is not microscopic . The levels of organisation for a lung cell would be lung cell, lung tissue, lung, respiratory system & human.
Not all cells contain the same structures. Describe this by comparing eukaryotic & prokaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells don't have the same structure because they have a nucleus & are much more complex. Prokaryotic cells are simpler and lack a nucleus.
Identify the levels of organisation starting with the most basic unit of life. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is not an organic compound because it lacks Hydrogen (H).
Diagram the levels for a lung cell. The levels of organisation starting with the most basic unit of life are cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, & organism.

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