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Genji's best friend and frequent rival. Eldest son of a Minister of the Left and Princess Omiya. Genji makes his acquaintance because he visits the house to see his principal wife, his sister Aoi. Lady Akashi
Seduced (too forcefully) by Genji while she is the wife of the governor of Iyo, beginning a long relationship Kokiden
Genji woos her during his exile. She is daunted by his elevated position and refinement, but eventually succumbs and becomes one of Genji's secondary wives. Her daughter is adopted by Murasaki and eventually becomes empress Lady of the evening faces
Widow of a crown prince, Prince Zembo, and a longtime mistress of Genji. She is eight years older than Genji, who loses some interest in her once he overcomes her resistance. Her jealousy is so strong that her wandering spirit kills the lady of the evening faces and Aoi and attacks others. Mother of Akikonomu, whom she entrusts to Genji when she dies. Despite his successfully marrying Akikonumu off to an emperor, her ghost comes back and nearly kills Murasaki Akikonomu
Genji's wicked stepmother, the jealous and power-hungry principal wife and empress of his father. Ukon
Genji's first principal wife whomshe married when he is twelve and she is somewhat older. She is portrayed as cold and rude, and the two never seemed compatible Suzaku
Genji pursues her from time to time, but without success. Yugao
She is the daughter of Prince Zembo and the Lady of Rokujo. She is entrusted to Genji by her dying mother, and he raises her as his ward, though he is attracted to her himself. She serves as high priestess of the Ise shrine and later as the principal wife and empress of the Reizei emperor. Lady Fujitsubo
Mistress of To no Chujo, by whom she has a daughter, Tamakazura. After his coldness makes her flee, she is briefly the mistress of Genji, till slain by the jealous spirit of the Lady of Rokujo Utsusemi
She is a 10 year old child. She is the daughter of Prince Hyobu, but Genji carries her off because she reminds him of Hyobu's sister Fujitsubo, whom he loves. At 14, she becomes one of Genji's secondary wives and his favorite. Princess Asagao
Genji's brother, the son of their father and his principal wife, Kokiden Lady Rokujo
A daughter of the Suzaku Emperor who becomes Genji's second principal wife after the death of Princess Aoi; her father wants someone to take care of her when he retires to religious life. This distresses Murasaki till she realizes that the girl is too childish (at 13) to interest the mature Genji (now 39) that much. She is, however, the mother of his son Kaoru, who is actually the fruit of an illicit affair with Kashiwagi. She becomes a nun after the birth.  Murasaki
Genji's mother, a favorite wife of his Emperor father, but persecuted by her rivals at court, who resented the favors granted someone of relatively undistinguished birth. She dies when he is very young.  Princess Nyosan
kon was raised by Yūgao’s father and grew up together with the lady, whom she is extremely attached to. After losing Yūgao, she wants to follow her mistress into death, but gives in to Genji’s pleas and enters his service. She came to play a great role in the discovery of Yūgao’s daughter, Tamakazura To no Chujo
She was Tō no Chūjō’s mistress and even gave him a daughter. However, because of the jealousy of Tō no Chūjō’s main wife, she leaves him and goes into hiding. It is under these circumstances that Genji encounters her, while out visiting his former wet nurse and hebecomes very fond of this her. He proceeds to move her to an abandoned mansion where she falls pray to spirit possession and dies Lady Aoi
Daughter of a previous emperor and thus imperial princess, Fujitsubo enters the service of Emperor Kiritsubo at the age of sixteen, mainly because of her resemblance to the deceased Lady Kiritsubo. She soon becomes an imperial favorite, but also Genji’s childhood crush and later lifelong obsession. Lady Kiritsubo

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