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Chapter Three Human Development

Pages 69 -73 (stop at Mutations)

In-Class Activity

1XX _____male zygote
2XY _____A weaker gene that can be dominated
3genotype _____traits influenced by only one pair of genes, one from the mother and one from the father
4phenotype _____the activation of particular genes in particular cells which influences traits
5epigenetic effects _____two genes expressed, such as A and B blood types producing AB blood type in children
6gene expression _____produces new trait, such as red and white flowers producing pink
7single gene-pair inheritance _____the traits a person eventually has
8dominant gene _____the sum total of genes transmitted from parent to offspring
9recessive gene _____attributes influenced by single genes, usually on X chromosome
10incomplete dominance _____A gene that is expressed phenotypically
11codominance _____more common among males, sex-linked on X chromosome
12sex-linked characteristcs _____ways in which genetic information is modified by environment and translated into the substance and behavior of an organism
13hemophilia _____characteristics influenced by multiple pairs of genes
14polygenic traits _____female zygote

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