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The Hydrologic Cycle


Please match the definition to the correct header.

Evaporation Water vapour is also emitted from plant leaves by a process called... Every day an actively growing plant... 5 to 10 times as much water as it can hold at once.
Transpiration Some of the precipitation and snow melt moves downwards, it... or infiltrates through cracks, joints and pores in soil and rocks until it reaches the water table where it becomes groundwater.
Condensation As water is heated by the sun, surface molecules become sufficiently energized to break free of the attractive force binding them together, and then... and rise as invisible vapour in the atmosphere.
Precipitation As water vapour rises, it cools and eventually... usually on tiny particles of dust in the air. When it... it becomes a liquid again or turns directly into a solid (ice, hail or snow). These water particles then collect and form clouds.
Runoff Excessive rain or snowmelt can produce overland flow to creeks and ditches. Its visible flow of water in rivers, creeks and lakes as the water stored in the basin drains out.
Percolation The... is the level at which water stands in a shallow well.
Groundwater Subterranean water is held in cracks and pore spaces. Depending on the geology, the... can flow to support streams. It can also be tapped by wells. Some... is very old and may have been there for thousands of years.
Water table Its in the form of rain, snow and hail comes from clouds. Clouds move around the world, propelled by air currents. For instance, when they rise over mountain ranges, they cool, becoming so saturated with water that water begins to fall as rain, snow or hail, depending on the temperature of the surrounding air.

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