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Grant Terms

Karen Magradey

Grant training definitions

Research A portion of project or program costs that are not borne by the federal government.
Other sponsored activities Audits of state, local government and non-profit organizations.
Instruction/Training Office of Management and Budget
Unauthorized procurements An organization receiving financial assistance directly from Federal awarding agencies to carry out a project or program.
FAR The total allowable costs incurred by the awardee to carry out a project or activity.
OMB Transactions in which a vendor extends credit to an individual representing the University who does not have purchasing authority.
IRB The individual named by the application organization who is authorized to act for the applicant and to assume the obligations imposed by the Federal laws, regulations, requirements and conditions that apply to grant applications or grant awards.
GRANT The period established in the award document during which federal sponsorship begins and ends.
Total Project Costs Federal Acquisition Regulation
Terms and Conditions of Awards Gamecock Research Administrators Network and Training
Termination Financial assistance mechanism providing money, property or both to an eligible entity to carry out an approved project or activity
Proposal The teaching and training activities of an institute.
Project Period Institutional Review Board
Project Costs Uniform administrative requirements for grants and other agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals and other non-profit organizations.
Cost Share All allowable costs, as set forth in the applicable federal cost principles, incurred by the recipient and the value of the contributions made by third parties in accomplishing the objectives of the award during the project period.
CFDA Request for financial support.
Awardee A systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.
Award Programs and projects financed by federal and non-federal agencies and organizations which involve the performance of work other than instruction and organized research.
Authorized Organizational Official All legal requirements imposed on a grant by NIH, whether based on statute, regulation, policy or other document referenced in the grant award or specified by the grant award document itself.
A-133 A legally enforceable binding agreement between two or more parties in which a party or parties agree(s) to perform a service for or provide goods to another party in return for consideration
A-110 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
A-21 The cancellation of federal sponsorship, in whole or in part, under an agreement at any time prior to the date of completion.
Gift An award that does not have terms that specify how the funding must be spent or administered.
Grant A support mechanism used when there will be substantial federal scientific or programmatic involvement.
Contract Cost principles for educational institutions
Cooperative Agreement Financial assistance that provides support or stimulation to accomplish a public purpose.

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