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Cell structure

Mr. Stipp

a list of cell organelles to be matched with their function

Cell Membrane Stores food, water and waste.
Organelle Moves materials within the cell
Lysosome Organism with nuclear material; cell wall; and a single strand of DNA
Vacuole Organelle involved in the duplication of the nucleus
Nucleolus The organelle used to build proteins
Ribosomes Has Ribosomes; moves materials within the cell
Golgi Body a group of organs performing the same task
Rough ER Controls the flow of materials into and out of the cell
Smooth ER Gel-like material throughout the cell. Organelles are found there
Nucleus Membrane covered structures in a cell that perform life functions
Cytoplasm Control the flow of materials into and out of the nucleuc
Centriole Organ systems working together to sustain life
Nuclear Membrane a group of tissues working together on the same job
Eukaryotic Cell Packages proteins in a vesicle for transport to another cell
Prokaryotic Cell Controls the activities of the cell
Tissue Organism with membrane covered organelles and a nucleus
Organ Removes old worn out cell parts and waste from the cell
Organ System Provides instructions for proteins given to ribosomes
Organism Similar Cells performing a similar function

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