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Physical or Chemical Change Vocab

Susan Schmitt

7th Grade Chemistry. Physical and chemical change. Terms and definitions.

1.Physical Change Physical Change
2.Physical Change helps to keep our landfills from getting full.
3.Three Changes of state of matter It changes shape by cane be returned to the original thing.
4.Dissolving sugar is an example of  It changes how it looks but is the same thing.
5.Chemical Change can not be changed back to its original thing.
6.Chemical change states that total mass is the same in physical or chemical change.
7.Sign of chemical change: color, heat, odor, forming gas.
8.Law of conservation of mass uses pheysical or chemical change to make new items
9. Recycling:  Solid, liquid, gas.
10.Recycling II. Chemical change: Stuff is changing into different substances, it is no longer, what it started as.

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