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Lessons 1-3 Vocabulary Matching

Kelly Taylor


arable composure; calmness
camaraderie melodious; pleasing to the ear
desiccate someone who participates in a conversation
equanimity a robber or bandit
frangible to take over; to seize power
interminable treating with condescension; acting superior
litany unconcerned; indifferent
lugubrious not allowing refusal or delay
moratorium to remove vulgar or objectionable material
replete occurring or seeming to occur everywhere; omnipresent
truncate strictly disregarding individual differences or circumstances
ubiquitous keen; mentally sharp
vernacular a fight; an uproar
wrenching tiresome and long; seemingly endless
zealous causing mental or physical pain
brigand transparent; clear
carte blanche full; abundant
contemptuous a universal truth; an established rule
cosmopolitan a transformation or dramatic change
donnybrook an artist's or a designer's workshop
incantation to dry out; to remove moisture
interlocutor fragile; easy to break
metamorphosis haughty; scornful
nomenclature to waver; to sway indecisively
nonchalant a deliberately deceptive or misleading argument
procrustean mournful; gloomy
rife a chant; a magical spell
sophistry everyday language
stygian abundant; prevalent
vestige to shorten
abstemious suitable for cultivation of land
archaic any long, repetetive, or dull recital
atelier a magic charm or superstitious object for protection or luck
axiom using or consuming sparingly
dulcet rapport and goodwill
expurgate boundless authority; unlimited power
iniquity dark and forbidding
patronizing an evil or wicked act
pellucid technical names or naming system in art or science
peremptory fervent; fanatical
perspicacious worldly; sophisticated
scapegoat a trace or evidence of something that once existed
talisman no longer current or applicable; antiquated
usurp one who bears the blame for others
vacillate a suspension of activity; an authorized delay

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