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Medical Prefixes

Ashley Jackson

a small
ab stomach
erythro white
mega vein
melano one
bi heart
cardi two
tri fever
ileo colon
gastro red
post vessel
derm night
multi away from
noct below
uni nervous system
tachy slow
dys after
pneum fat
leuko black
colo muscle
micro without
myo many
neuro fast
intra lung
macro skin
hyper half
poly many
brady three
pre above
ven above
angio air
hypo within
febr bad; painful
aer blood vessel
encephal half
hem brain
psycho around
sanguin large
hepat on; over
semi liver
lip mind
epi bladder
ad blood
cyst within
peri blood
endo ileum
hemi to; or forward
supra above
super before
vas large

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