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Pathological conditions of the Sking

Emily Michalenko

fissure  open sore (bedsore)
macule  deep partial thickness burn
papule malignant tumor of the squamous cells
pustule Partially blocking a pore
ulcer chronic red patches gray scales
vesicle parasitic mite
alopecia absence of hair (baldness)
Ecchymosis Fungal infection of the nail
Petechia  papular eruption of the skin
vitiligo small collection of clear fluid (Blister)
Acne white thickened patch on mucous (precancerous)
Black head Black & Blue mark (bruise)
White head discolored flat lesion (freckle)
Ichthyosis common allergic reaction (lesions)
Onychomycosis Malignant tumor of basal cell (skin CA)
First Degree Burn staph or strep
second degree burn (leukoderma) loss of pigment in skin
Third degree burn rare skin neoplasm (aids)
Fourth Degree Burn  skin containing pus
Eczema crack-like sore
Gangrene small version of ecchymosis(small black & blues)
Impetigo thickened scar
Psoriasis Charred muscle/Bone
Scabies  dry rough scaly skin
Keliod Superficial partial thickness burn
leukoplakia  Full thickness burn
Basal cell carcinoma small solid elevation (pimple)
Kaporsi's sarcoma  cancer of melanocytes
squamous cell carcinoma Completely blocked pore
Malignant Melanoma death of tissue

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