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spelling definitions (9/27/14)


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Finish very fast
pilot a garden plant with usually large dark green leaves that are eaten cooked or raw as a vegetable.
Even a plant related to the lily that grows from a bulb and has a larg cupshaped flouer in early spring.
wagon having a flat,smooth,or level surface
Music an arrangement of sounds having melody, rythm, and usually harmony.
Silent free from sin: pure
Rapid the opening in the iris through which light enters the eye.
Female a vehicle having four wheels and used for carring goods.
Lemon a person who flies an aircraft.
Pupil to bring or come to a focus
focus a machine that looks and acts like human being.
robot a person who lives in a place.
tulip a mixture of raw usually green leafy vegetables (as lettuce) combined with other vegetables (as tomato and cucumber) and serves with a dressing
camel the average weather conditions of a place over a period of years.
salad the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs from one generation to another
resident a woman or a girl.
spinach not speaking
climate relating to finland,its people,or the finnish language.
tradition a large hoofed animal that has one or two large humps on its back used in the deserts of Asia and Africa for carrying passengers and loads
innocent an oval yellow fruit with a sour juice that is related to the orange and grows on a small spiny tree.

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