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Music Vocab #1

Madi Fortier

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1Accelerando _____Gradually Faster
2Accent _____Increases the note's duration by half the origninal value.
3Accidental _____The introduction given before a piece of music is performed to indicate the tempo of the beat.
4Adagio _____In 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures, it recieves three beats.
5Allegro _____Play the note louder, with a special emphasis
6Andante _____Is written at the end of a piece of music.
7Articulation _____Slow
8Bar Line _____An added ending
9Bass Clef _____The manner in which a note is performed
10Bass Staff _____A sign that helps organize the staff so notes can be easily read.
11Clef _____The staff on which the bass clef is placed. The two dots of the clef surround the line on which the note F is placed.
12Coda _____Quickly, cheerfully
13Count-Off _____Moving along (Walking speed)
14Crescendo _____Repeat from the sign and play to the coda sign, then skip to the Coda.
15D.C (Da Capo) _____Repeat from the beginning and play to the end.
16D.C. al Coda _____Repeat from the beginning
17D.C al Fine _____Gradually louder
18Decrescendo/Diminuendo _____Gradually softer.
19Dot after a Note _____A flat,sharp, or natural sign that appears within a piece of music. An accidental sign affects the notes written on the same line or space following it for that measure only.
20Dotted Half Note _____Repeat from the beginning and play to the coda sign, then skip to the Coda.
21Dotted Quarter Note _____The clef used for notes in the lower pitch ranges.
22Double Bar _____In time signatures with four as the nottom number it recieves 1 1/2 beats.
23D.S (Dal Segno) _____The lines which cross the staff adn divide it into measures or bars.
24D.S al Coda _____Repeat from the sign

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