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Music Vocab #2

Madi Fortier

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1D.S al Fine _____Very loud.
2Dynamic Signs _____The area between two bar lines.
3Eighth Note _____To play or sing 2 or more notes smoothly connected.
4Eighth Rest _____Play or sing through the 1st ending to the repeat sign, then go back to the beginning. When repeating, skip the 1st ending and play the 2nd.
5Enharmonic Notes _____The natural sign before a note cancels the previous flat or sharp.
6Fermata _____The bass staff and treble staff connected by a brace and a line.
7Fine _____Moderately soft.
81st and 2nd Endings _____Indicate the volume, or how soft or loud the music should be played.
9Flat _____In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it recieves 1/2 beat of silence.
10Forte _____Two notes that sound the same but are written differently.
11Fortissimo _____Loud
12Grand Staff _____Hold the note for longer than its normal value.
13Half Note _____Very slow.
14Half Rest _____In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it recieves two beats of silence.
15Half Step _____In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it recieves two beats.
16Largo _____Repeat from the sign adn play to the end.
17Ledger Line _____Short lines which are added to extend the range of the staff when the notes are too low or too high to be written on the staff.
18Legato _____Lowers the pitch by one half step.
19Measure (or Bar) _____In time signatures with four as the bottom number, it recieves 1/2 beat.
20Mezzo _____The end
21Mezzo Forte _____Moderately
22Mezzo Piano _____The distance from any key on the keyboard to the very next key above or below, whether black or white.
23Middle C _____Moderately
24Moderato _____The note in the middle of the grand staff and the C nearest in the middle of the keyboard.
25Natural Sign _____Moderately Loud.

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