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Music Vocab #3

Madi Fortier

1Notes _____Very soft.
2Pianissimo _____Hold the note for its full value.
3Piano _____Raises the pitch by one half step.
4Pitch _____Appears at the beginning of the music after the clef sign. It contains two numbers. The upper number tells how many beats are in each measure, the lower number indicates what type of note recieves one beat.
5Quarter Note _____A word meaning "rate of speed". It tells how fast or slow to play the music.
6Quarter Rest _____Lively and fast.
7Repeat Sign _____Means to rest for the a whole measure. In 3/4 it receives three beats, in 4/4 it receives four beats and in 2/4 it receives two beats.
8Ritardando _____Two notes of the same pitch joined by a curved line over or under the note. Each note joined by a tie is held for its full value but only the first note is played or sung.
9Sforzando _____Return to the beginning or the previous repeat sign at the beginning of the section.
10Sharp _____Gradually slower.
11Slur _____The five lines and the four spaces between them on which music notes and other symbols are written.
12Staccato _____In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it recieves one beat of silence.
13Staff _____Soft.
14Tempo _____The oval shaped symbols that are placed on the lines and in the spaces of the staff. They represent musical sounds called pitches.
15Tenuto _____In time signatures with a 4 as the bottom number, it recieves one beat.
16Tie _____A musical sound.
17Time Signature _____Smoothly connects two or more notes of different pitches by a curved line over or under the notes.
18Treble Clef _____A sudden, strong accent.
19Treble Staff _____Play the note short and detached.
20Vivace _____In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it receives four beats.
21Whole Note _____The clef used for notes in the higher pitch ranges.
22Whole Rest _____The distance from any key on the keyboard to two keys above or below.
23Whole Step _____The staff on which the treble clef is placed. The curl of the clef circles the line on which the note G is palced.

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