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Voc. Quiz #6 Islam


1Muhammad _____This group believed that Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali, should succeed Muhammad
2Policy _____The holy city of Islam.
3Sultan _____A holy shrine in Makka
4shiite _____This group in Islam believed that the caliphs in the community were rightful leaders of Islam
5impose _____West African city, became the center of Muslim learning
6Kaaba _____to commit or concentrate to a religion
7devote _____To force someone to accept something
8Sheikh _____The prophet of Islam, messanger of god.
9Qu'ran _____the way of doing something
10style  _____The leader of a Muslim country or empire
11Sunni _____The holy book of Islam.
12Caliph _____Muhammad's successor or leader of the Muslims
13Baghdad _____A green area in the desert with underground water
14Timbuktu _____The leader of a tribe
15Makka _____a plan of action followed by a government
16Oasis _____Capital city of Iraq, important trading center.

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