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spelling definitions (10/8/14)


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handle a tissue of the body consisting of long cells that can contract and produce motion.
trouble a price of food and especially a cucumber that has been preserved in a solution of salt water or vinegar.
simple The part by which something(as a dish or too) is piked up or held.
people a thick or tangled growth of tropical plant
middle a small or medium sized dog with a thick curly coat of solid color.
table a paddle and lether covered seat for a rider on horseback.
little not hard or forceful
gentle equally distant from the end: central
poodle a thin often flat strip of fresh or dried dough (as of flour and egg) that is usually boiled.
pickle the brother of a person's father or mother.
noodle food to eat
saddle not hard to understand or solve
juggle all persons considered together<"love makes people act crazy." pam zollman,Don't bug me!>
uncle something that causes worry or distress: Misfortune < I've suffered many troubles.>
riddle to fill with something unplea ant or unwanted
example in a very small quantity or degree
throttle something that stands.
obstacle an extraordinary even taken as a sign of the power of God.
miracle something to be imitated:Model
muscle to strangle or choke (someone)

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