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Trade Name/ Generic Matching Game

Kathleen McCleneghan

match the generic names with the trade names

1paroxetine _____Tofranil
2fluoxetine _____Elavil
3imipramine _____Haldol
4amitriptyline _____Ativan
5phenelzine _____Nardil
6bupropion _____Risperdal
7chlorpromazine _____Geodon
8haloperidol _____Prozac
9clozapine _____Wellbutrin
10risperidone _____Paxil
11ziprazadone _____Buspar
12aripiprazole _____Clozaril
13lorazepam _____Thorazine
14alprazolam _____Abilify
15diazepam _____Xanax
16buspirone _____Vailum

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