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Voc. Quiz #7 Islam


1Muhammad _____Muslim custom when women cover themselves with a vail
2Ibn Khaldun _____A muslim scientist who studied the causes of diseases
3Mosque _____to create something new
4shiite _____An announcer who calls the time to pray
5Al-Razi _____A muslim historian
6Kaaba _____A muslim place of worship
7Taj Mahal _____One of the seven wonders of the world, a Muslim temple built in India
8Bazaar _____This group believed that Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali, should succeed Muhammad
9Qu'ran _____The holy book of Islam.
10mineret _____Towers in a mosque where the crier announces prayers
11hijab _____The holy city of Islam.
12crier _____Muslim market
13widespread _____A green area in the desert with underground water
14innovate _____A holy shrine in Makka
15Makka _____The prophet of Islam, messanger of god.
16Oasis _____Spread to larger territories

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