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10th Grade ~ Spelling List 3A ~ Vocabulary Word Match

Mrs. Wright

extol God wants the church to walk in one____________.
arraign The law will____________her for stealing from our family.
acquiesce to bring before a law court to hear charges; to call to account
alleviate to obtain money illegally or through pressure
extricate to draw out or forth; to bring to light
accrue MeCaiyal was able to____________the unfortunate mouse from the trap.
accord to free from entanglement; disengage; liberate
elicit to forcefully state that something is true; to declare; to insert oneself forcefully; to make one's presence known
assert to consent without protest, but with enthusiasm
extort Knowing that someone is saved will____________the sorrow when they die.
allude Many kidnappings are the result of a plan to____________wealthy families.
exonerate to make physical or mental troubles more bearable
assert The new teacher began to____________his policies on the lazy students.
extricate The DNA test was a vital resource to____________the wrongfully convicted man.
accord to praise highly; to exalt; to glorify
alleviate Professor Manning is known to____________many great historians during his lectures.
exonerate to officially pronounce someone to be innocent of an accused crime
acquiesce to fall to someone as a gain, addition, or advantage
extort to agree; to be in harmony with; to grant as deserved, proper, or suitable; harmony, reconciliation
arraign Only after much coaxing did the frightened kitten____________to climb down the tree.
accrue to make an indirect or passing reference to without distinct specification
extol What advantages____________to the American people from the Bill of Rights?
allude Lydia has a beautiful voice to____________Father God during worship.
elicit Husbands and wives are supposed to____________the best from one another..

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