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spelling ds


splash to have or cause to have a sudden feeling of excitement or pleasure.
throw the juicy edible usallyred friuit.
three the chair used by a monarch or bishop for ceremonies.
square to send through the air with a quick forward motion of the arm
throat a flat geometric figure that has four equal sides and four right angles
strike to divide length wise or by layers
street the passage through the neck from the mouth to the stomach and lungs
spillt material that has been hit and made to scatte
splurge a public road especilly in a city,town,or village.
thrill to touch,hit,or affect with forse
strength the quality or state of being physically strong.
squeak to spend lavish or give in to indulgence
throne an act or instance of comresing.
strawberry being one more than two.
squeeze  to make a shrot high-pitched cry or sound.

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