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9th Grade ~ Spelling List 5 ~ Vocabulary Word Match

Mrs. Wright

iota The delicious smells of homemade lasagna and garlic bread were enough to____________us to stay for dinner.
dank harsh, severe, extreme
entice An____________person does not make a good leader.
confirm excuse, justify, explain away
rationalize Treysha's attempt to____________her actions only made her look more guilty.
curtail reduce, diminish, cut back on
subconscious small particle
precedent The landlord installed a dehumidifier in the____________apartment to help control the moisture in the air.
inclement disagreeably damp
curtail verify, support, validate
precedent Your____________thoughts are shaped by outward influences.
inclement beneath the level of conscious mental awareness
confirm The president's actions set a____________that would be followed for years to come.
dank prior instance or case
subconscious lure, tempt
indecisive ____________weather kept most of the city's residents at home.
iota The evidence only served to____________the prosecution's charges.
entice My parents decided to____________our family's consumption of unhealthy foods.
rationalize I painted the entire room without spilling one____________of paint.

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