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Technology Terms Quiz

Mrs. Larson

Please match up the word with the correct definition. Each word will need to match up to one definition.

1student1 _____Button that changes the type of writing you are using on Word.
2Desktop _____The side of the mouse you click to copy a picture and insert it into a project.
3Back Arrow _____What should you do if you are sad, confused or scared online.
4Icon _____The button or tab you push to print, save or get a new paper.
5Google _____A button you push to get back to the last website you were on.
6Right Click _____A place your mouse hangs out on.
7Address Bar _____A button you push to get to your favorite websites on the internet.
8Star _____A picture on your desktop that takes you somewhere.
9Microsoft Word _____The blue screen that appears on your computer when you turn it on.
10File _____The program you would go to that you can type up an assignment on.
11Tell a trusted adult _____A place you go to type in the website you would like to go to.
12Netiquette _____A place you type on.
13Personal information _____What you listen to things with on the computers.
14Internet safety _____Good etiquette online
15Keyboard _____A place you go to find pictures to put into a project
16Headphones _____What should you never share with others online.
17Font _____Being safe and having fun online.
18Mousepad _____The password to our computers

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