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Obtaining height and weight of a patient would be an example of one degree lower than oral
When making a correction in a paper chart, you should not do the following orthostatic hypotension
You are giving a 4 month old four immunizations , it is policy to use another staff member to administer the immunizations. What would not apply when teaming up with another staff member when administering the medication aural
What would not be included when documenting a prescription order both the trade and generic names of the medication
What pulse point is best to assess blood flow in the lower extremities oral
What can not effect an oral temperature reading the fifth intercoastal space directly over the apex of the heart
What information should be documented regarding a patient education session rhonchi
What information is not necessary when documenting a telephone encounter in the progress note There should be no break in the chain, the other medical assistant should draw up the medication, administer and document in the patient's chart
What areas of the body can be affected by hypertension respiration
Which goverment organization has compiled a list of error-prone abbreviations, symbols and dose initial each entry
What would not be included when documenting a referral place the probe so there is good skin contact and the thermometer is secure
What pulse point is generally used when performing a pulse check during Adult CPR 68 BPM
The following scenario is the worst regarding a fever the age of the patient
When taking a patient's pulse, you notice that the patient has a possible arrhythmia, what should you do eyes, kidneys, brain, heart
A BMI of 35 would suggest the patient is nose
According to the Joint Commission's national Saftey Goals, you should use 2 identifiers ISMP
The following is a cause for hypothermia except temperature of the enviroment
What represents the average pulse rate of a 16 year old through adulthood wheezing
Most ideal weight charts do not account for body fitness or  patient medical history
An average pulse reading for an adult is  the patient's referral of a new patient
When documenting in a patients chart, the medical assistant must avoid Joint Commision
Information that should be included in the progress note when documenting a hospitalization set-up includes the  during each patient encounter
if a patient's respiration are rapid with normal or shallow depth, this is referred to as date and time, verbal information given to the patient, patient comprehension of the topic
Blood pressure that drops upon standing is referred to as Perform an apical pulse
What organization compiles a list of " do not use" abbreviation for facilities accredited by their organization illegible documentation, incorrect abbreviations, altered documents
When taking axillary temperature, it is important to  use correction fluid for neatness
What is considered the fifth vital sign the patients highest level of education
What pulse point is located at the medial aspect of the ankle, posterior to the ankle bone patients vital signs
What reading would indicate stage 2 hypertension The patient being 3 months behind on paying off her outstanding medical bill
The following would not be recorded in the patient's medical record dyspnea
What patient encounter would not have to be recorded in the progress note carotid
When taking apical pulse the diaphram of the stethoscope is placed hyperthyroidism
The following is the average repiratory rate for a newborn muscle mass
Word that means labored breathing progress note
What phase of blood pressure occurs when the ventricles relax falsely elevated
It is best to gather confidential patient information and vitl signs when identifying patients for lab testing and for medication administration
What temperature method would be unsafe to use on a infant obese
What word is used to refer to strength of the pulse pain assessment
A process that requires certain procedures to be approved prior to being administered or performed is known as tachypnea
The aural method for obtaining a body temperature can be used on all the following types of patients except A fever of 101 in an 82 year old patient experiencing listlessness and confusion
pitchy, wet sound heard during inspiration type of insurance coverage the patient has
honking or snoring sound heard during expiration mensuration
creaking sound confined to a specific and discrete area pleural rub
wheeze like crowing heard during inspiration posterior tibial
high pitched sounds heard on both inspiration and expiration 180/110
When should the medical assistant document her findings in the patient's medical record 16-20 BPM
which item should not be documented when recording a medication entry diastole
The following does not produce body heat in a confidential area
a pulse oximeter can not be attached to the  precertification
What statement would objective in nature by the medical assistant femoral
What information should not be included when entering a patient education session needs to calibrated, shouldnt use the cuff, not accurate BP
If the cuff size is too small for the patient, the blood pressure reading will be Cheyne- Stokes
A pattern of breathing in which there is a period of apnea is called  pharmacist's rehistration number
A typanic thermometer would be used for which of the following temperature routes volume
A follow-up note from a previous visit is often referred to as a personal opinion comments
You noticed that the needle on an aneriod sphygmomanometer is not in the center when the cuff is deflated, what applies the bandage was dirty and torn in several places
What would not be considered a documentation do a patient with a large amount of earwax
The average axillary temperature reading is 30-60 /min
What could prove harmful to a provider if a medical record was used in a professional libility case stridor
What is not necessary when documenting a lab procedure in apatients chart rales

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