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Sound Vocabulary

Joey Goldman

Pitch The science of sound and it's interactions.
Ultrasonic Part of the ear that contains hundreds of nerve cells attached nerve fibers.
Infrasonic Liquid portion of the ear that receives vibrations from the middle ear.
Doppler Effect Blending of pitches to produce sound quality.
Intensity Property of sound which depends on frequency.
Acoustics Note produced at the lowest frequency that a standing wave occurs.
Sound Quality Part of the human ear that funnels sound waves into the ear.
Timbre Sound above the range of human hearing.
Fundamental Tone Blending of pitches to produce sound; timbre.
Overtone Sound below the range of human hearing.
Sonar Change in sound or light that occurs whenever there is motion between the source and it's observer.
Outer Ear The amount of energy carried by a wave indicated by the amplitude of the wave.
Middle Ear Part of the ear that receives vibrations from the ear drum and contains the hammer, anvil, and stirrup.
Inner Ear Stretched membrane in the ear that vibrates at the same frequency as the sound waves that enter the ear.
Cochlea Technique of using sound waves to measure distance, sound navigation, and ranging.
Ear Drum Tone produced at frequencies higher than the fundamental at which a standing wave occurs.

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