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Hulin's Vocab

Susan Schmitt

U. S. A. History, vocab words. 8th grade

1Migrate-  to move from one place to another
2Abundant-  the acceptance of different beliefs
3Liberty-  to join together
4Significant-  to be important
5Conclusion- to convince
6Unalienable Rights- to have freedom
7Pursuit-  something you give of yourself
8Desire-  rule by one person, either a king or queen
9Contributions-  being a primary source because you see it
10Persecute- something that you want
11Toleration-   what you decide with the information given to you
12Monarchy-   a government ruled by representatives, elected by the citizens
13Established-   complaint
14Union-  to go after
15Persuade-   a right that cannot be taken away
16Witnessing-  when something was started
17Restore-  formal plan of government
18Grievance- having a lot of something,
19Constitution- make it like new, as it was before
20Republic- treating someone harshly because of that person’s belief.

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