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Voc. Quiz #10 Africa


1Hajj _____different
2benefit _____group of tribes link by blood or marriage
3element _____to decrease in numbers or quality
4accompany _____to go along with
5vary _____The founder of the Mali empire related to Mansa Musa--Lion King--
6clan _____something good, positive gained from something
7swahili _____Largest desert in the world in the northern part of Africa
8Mountain Range _____The holy book of Islam.
9Qu'ran _____The biggest empire in western Africa
10Sahara _____story teller in Africa
11sultan _____part, section, portion of something
12Songhai _____A general in Sunni Ali's army
13Mali _____Holy pilgrimage to Makka
14Ghana _____political leader or country
15Askia Muhammad _____A series of connected mountains
16Diminish _____The first empire in western Africa--the kingdom of gold--
17Ibn Battuta _____He explored the Muslim territory
18Griot _____Western African empire lead by Mansa Musa
19Mansa Musa _____The emperor of Mali made a pilgrimage to Makka--richest man--
20Sundiata Keita _____African language, culture

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