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accomplish to do , make happen, succeed in, carry through
apparent to shoot out quickly in a stream; to show a burst of energy
capacity to copy exactly; to produce something equal to
civilian  the amount of space that can be filled; ability or skill; office or role
civilian  a sudden, short stream of fluid; a quick burst of activity
conceal a bringing to ruin or destruction; the cause of ruin; unfastening or loosening
duplicate  very great or large
duplicate  nonmilitary
duplicate  to pull out or remove; to move back or away, retreat
keen a person not in a military, police, or firefighting force
provoke  to annoy or make angry, stir up; to do something in order to get a response
spurt  exactly like something else
spurt having a sharpened edge; quick and sharp in thought or in sight , hearing , or smell; eager
undoing open to view; easy to understand; seeming to be true or real
vast an exact copy
withdraw  to hide or keep secret, to place out of sight

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