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Voc. Quiz #12 Africa


1Hajj _____an attemp to find
2seek _____Largest desert in the world in the northern part of Africa
3bond _____group of tribes link by blood or marriage
4project _____a military leader
5oral history _____A country in Asia, south east of China.
6clan _____having to do with doctors and medicine
7swahili _____a link that connects people or things
8Warlord _____large family with two or more generations
9economy _____African language, culture
10Sahara _____to set free
11extended family _____a change to make something better
12release _____Holy pilgrimage to Makka
13enslavement _____a religious place where monks live and work
14reform _____Country in south east Asia formed by many islands.
15monastery _____Descendency traced through mother's rather than father's.
16Matrilineal _____to be forced to become a slave
17Medical _____He founded the Sui Dynasty.
18Korea _____a plan that has many steps to follow
19Japan _____stories passed down from generation to generation
20Wendi _____Having to do with the buying and selling of goods

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