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Classification of the Law

Angela Wanless

a discipline which falls within the division of public law positive law
regulates relationships between individuals and their dealings with each other patrimonial damages
regulates realtions between states adjective law
it is concerned with procedures to enforce substantive law law of nations
law of a specific state is know as what public law
another name for national law law of evidence
it is a division of private law private law
an amount of money claime for economical loss suffered mercantile law
an unlawful, intentional or negligent act or omission that causes someone damage either to their patrimony or to their personality delict
the following is neither a division of private law or public law family law
it is a subdivision of the law of patrimony substantive law
another name or public international law national law
its that part of law that is part of national law and determines the content and meaning of different legal rules  property law

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