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Skin lesions

1malignant melanoma _____raised discolored spot of melanin deposition often congenital
2atrophic skin _____flat nonpalpable irregular shaped macule larger than 1 cm in diameter, includes vitiligo, port wine stains, cafe au lait spots,
3Bulla _____red purple discoloration less than 0.5 cm caused by infections, etc
4decubitus ulcers _____pressure or stasis sores that can go down to the bone
5erosion _____red raised area of cutaneous blood vessel growth often seen in infants
6excoriation _____purple red nonblanching discoloration greater than 0.5 cm caused by infections, intravascular defects
7hemangioma _____reddish or brownish spot, often raised, seen frequently on forehead and scalp margins, especially with sun exposure
8keloid _____flat discolored spot, less than 1 cm. may include freckles or port wine stains that are very small or some /petechiaerashes
9keratosis _____small fluid filled blister like spot less than 1 cm in diameter. includes chicken pox or shingles blisters
10macule _____generalized hives common to allergic reaction (see wheals)
11mole _____hypertrophic scar
12nodule _____elevated, circumscribed encapsulated lesion in dermis or subQ layer, filled with liquid or semisolid material. such as sebacious cysts or cystic acne
13papule _____red central body with radiating spiderlike legs that blanch with pressure to the central body; caused by liver disease, vitamin B deficiency, idiopathic
14patch _____red purple non blanching discoloration of variable size caused by vascular wall destruction, trauma, vasculitis (bruising)
15pustule _____elevated firm and rough lesion with flat top surface greater than 1 cm in diameter, seen in psoriasis, and actinic or seborrheic keratoses
16telangiectasia _____an erosion that has eaten into the dermis
17ulcer _____bluish spier linear or irregularly shaped that does NOT blanch with pressure. caused by increased pressure to superficial veins
18urticaria  _____red swollen area in the skin, may appear suddenly in allergic reactions, local or general and can disappear suddenly . AKA hives. irregularly shaped cutaneous edema
19vesicle _____elevated firm circumscribed lesion, deeper in dermis than papule, 1-2 cm in diameter. inludes lipomas, erythema nodosum, fibromas
20vitiligo _____flluid filled vesicle or blister bigger than 1 cm
21wheal _____fine irregular red lines caused by dilation of capillaries in skin that blanch with pressure. common in rosacea.
22plaque _____linear often crusted area caused by picking or scratching.
23cyst _____an area of skin depigmentation (whitish) often fungal based.
24purpura _____elevated firm circumscribed area less than 1 cm in diameter, not as deep in the dermis as a nodule. includes warts, raised moles, insect bites, some pimples, skin tags, small skin cancers, lichen planus
25petechia _____may preceded decubitus ulcers, areas of pressure or irritation
26ecchymoses _____elevated superficial lesion filled with purulent fluid.
27spider angioma _____very malignant form of skin cancer most common in fair skinned people.
28venous star _____wrinkled paper thin often shiny skin often seen with prolonged corticosteroid use.
29capillary hemangioma _____aka nevus, flammeus. red irregular macular patches, caused by dilation of dermal capillaries.

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