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Compromise of 1850


In class activity

The Compromise of 1850 Divided the Mexican cession in two, Mexico and Utah.
Wilmot Proviso (not passed) Required that if any new states were formed out of Texas’ lands, those north of the Missouri Compromise line would become free states.
Banned in Washington DC Admitted a free state with its current boundaries.
Zachary Taylor A package of five separate bills that reduced sectional conflict.
Texas  Slave state.
California  Settled border dispute between Texas and New Mexico.
Texas Annexation Resolution Outlawed slavery in the new territories.
1st Component Fugitive slave act was published.
2nd Component Slaveowner, who had favored excluding slavery from the southwest.
3rd Component California was admitted as a free state.
4th Component The slave trade
5th Component Senator at the time.
John Bell Ended slave trade in Washington.

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