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MidTerm Cartooning

Mr. R. Smith

Cartooning Midterm Mr. R. Smith

1Bruce Banner _____Living Legend of WW ll
2Emil Blonsky _____Hulk
3Peter Parker _____Name of the leader of Fantastic Four
4Wonderwoman _____Able to extend and control his skin
5The Avenging Angel _____Devil
6Earth's Mightiest Heroes _____God of Thunder
7The Wasp _____X Men
8Hawkeye _____Real name John "Johnny Blaze
9Scarlet Witch _____Avengers
10Iron Man _____Fantastic Four (female)
11Vision _____Jet boots and repulsor beams in gauntlets
12Captain America _____Abomination
13Thor _____Jewel on brow discharges blasts of solar energy
14Doctor Strange _____Amazon from Paradise Island
15Azazel _____Archangel
16Hawkeye _____Ability to shrink to half an inch
17Awesome Android _____Year Avengers first appeared
181963 _____Born with super-human senses; power to heal wounds
19Antman _____Able to shrink down himself and anything to ant size
20Generation X _____X Men (female) Married to Vision
21Xavier Institution _____Married to Mockingbird
22Emma Frost _____Expert Archer
23Banshee _____Mutant who possesses various telepathic talents
24Jackal _____Sorcerer Supreme of Earth's dimension
25Skin _____ Base and learning center
26Wolverine _____Awesome Andy(Fantastic Four)
27Ghost Rider _____Professor Miles Warren
28Johnny Storm _____Possesses a "sonic scream,"
29Invisible Woman _____Driven by a hatred of Spider Man
30Venom _____Human Torch
31Cyclops _____Spiderman
32Reed Richards(Mr. Fantastic) _____Red opticeye power when activated

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