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1,2,3...and LIFT!!

Thomas Keys

1direct ground lift _____Moving patient while keeping the patient's body aligned
2ankle drag  _____equipment used to immobilize patients head,neck or spine
3clothes drag _____walking assist by supporting one of patient's arms over shoulder
4log roll _____Moving patient by grasping ankles
5walking assist _____Patient is supported upright, across responders back
6restraint _____Method of limiting patient's movements
7power lift _____Method of moving patient from bed to stretcher or vice versa
8supine _____2 responder lift where 1 supports arms and another responder supports legs
9direct carry _____Body position of lying flat on back
10blanket drag _____used for patient support
11pack strap carry _____useful when one of the lifters legs or ankles is weaker than the other
12extremity lift _____Lifting patient directly from ground
13backboard _____Emergency move that uses patients clothing
14power grip _____Provides stable move for the patient
15stretcher _____Method of moving when patient movement is limited (head,neck injury)
16squat lift _____Lifting that requires full surface of palms and fingers to come in contact with object

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