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Basic Cooking Methods

Farah Kamal

Let’s test your knowledge regarding basic cooking methods! Match up the following methods on the left with correct clues on the right.

1. Grilling Breads, pastries and other sweet items
2. Boil Food is submerged in liquid which is between 160-180F
3. Roast Adding enough fat to a hot pan
4. Bake It refers more to proteins and vegetables
5. Pan-Fry Brown caramelized outside
6. Deep-Fry Food is par-cooked followed by an ice-bath
7. Sauté Heat source comes from the top
8. Sear It gives ingredients the charred lines
9. Poach Cooked in a thin layer of fat over medium-high heat.
10. Simmer Food is submerged in liquid which reaches up to 212F
11. Broil Food does not come in contact with the liquid
12. Steam Tiny bubbles appear on the surface
13. Braise Uses smaller ingredients
14. Stew Pot roasts and poultry legs
15. Blanche Crispy golden brown exterior, a fully cooked interior

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