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The Surgical Patient

Grace Way

Diagnostic Hypotension may result postoperatively due to loss of this substance
Palliative Common occurrence after spinal anesthetic
Clubbing Thickening of the flesh around the nails due to chronic hypoxia
Creatinine Surgical procedure to determine cause of symptoms
Surgeon Blood test that evaluates kidney function
Battery Surgical procedure to relieve symptoms without curing the disease
PCA Nursing intervention used to prevent formation of DVT
Antibiotic Treatment for malignant hyperthermia
Anesthesia Sudden, dramatic, bursting of suture line with abdominal contents protruding out
Headache Harmful or offensive touching of another human being without permission
Malignant hyperthermia Must be administerd within one hour of surgical incision
Dantrolene Induced state of partial or total loss of sensation, occurring with or without loss of consciousness
Oxygen Alveoli collapse from mucus plug or a decrease in surfactant
Ambulation Manifested as decreased peristalsis due to anesthesia postoperatively
Atelectasis  Partial or total separation of wound edges
Pneumonia Responsible for explaining benefits/risks of surgical procedure
Blood Life-threatening complication triggered by anesthesia
Incentive spirometer Secretion pooling in lower airway due to shallow breathing & immobility resulting in pulmonary infection
Ileus Method by which patient can self-administer analgesic
Dehiscence Almost always administered to postoperative patient till awake and alert
Evisceration Mechanical device that promotes sustained maximal inspiration

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