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Voc. Quiz #16 Japan


1Japan _____He helped conquer part of the Americas for Spain.
2Honshu _____A Chinese invention which help with navigation
3clan _____A country made up of many islands.
4constitution _____This Dynasty supported exploration over other territories.
5animism _____One of Japa's major islands.
6shrine _____A plan of government
7occur _____a piece of something
8portion _____A Japanese prince who wanted to reform Japan
9Jimmu _____A religion that believes all living things have souls or spirits
10Shotoku _____A group related by blood or marriage
11Zheng He _____the leader of the Yamato clan
12Africa _____A Chinese invention produced by harvesting worms.
13Trade _____A Chinese explorer
14Mecca _____A holy place
15Silk Road _____to take place
16Christopher Columbus _____China had contacts with other cultures through this trade route.
17Marco Polo _____The holy city of Islam.
18Compass _____China explored the east coast of this continent
19Ming Dynasty _____One reason why China wanted to explore other territories
20Silk _____He was welcomed by the Yuan Dynasty.

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