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Title 15



1Cell Extraction _____means an activity that requires physical exertion of the large muscle groups
2Contraband _____means a county facility designed for the reception and temporary care of youth detained in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter and the juvenile court law
3Direct visual observation _____means a day when school is not in operation. It also applies when an individual youth is not enrolled in school and is not required to be in attendance
4Direct visual supervision  _____means a significant disruption of normal facility procedure, policy or operation caused by civil disorder, single incident of mass arrest of juveniles or natural disasters such as flood, fire or earthquake; and which requires immediate action to avert death or injury and to maintain security
5Emergency _____means staff must personally see youth’s movement and/or skin. Audio/video monitoring may supplement but not substitute for direct visual observation
6Exercise _____means the forceful removal of a youth from a room
7Juvenile hall _____as it relates to pharmaceutical management, means the interpretation of the prescription order, the preparation, repackaging, and labeling of the drug based upon a prescription from a physician, dentist, or other prescriber authorized by law.
8Gender expression _____means a group of uninvolved youth is disciplined due to the actions of one or more youth
9Recreation _____as it relates to pharmaceutical management, means the act of providing one or more doses of a prescribed and dispensed medication to a youth
10Non-school day _____means activities that occupy the attention and offer the opportunity for relaxation. Such activities may include ping-pong, TV, reading, board games, letter writing
11Juvenile facility _____means a juvenile hall ranch or camp, forestry camp, regional youth education facility, boot camp or special purpose juvenile hall
12Individual Education Program _____as it relates to pharmaceutical management, means transferring medications from the original manufacturers' container to another properly labeled container
13Group Punishment _____means limiting a youth’s participation in regular programming for a specific purpose
14Gender identity _____means the forceful removal of a youth from a room
15Alternate means of compliance _____is any object, writing or substance, the possession of which would constitute a crime under the laws of the State of California, pose a danger within a juvenile facility, would interfere with the orderly day-to-day operation of a juvenile facility, or violate facility rules.
16Cell Extraction _____means a person’s sense of identification with either the male or female self
17Delivering medication _____IEP) means a written statement for each individual with exceptional needs that is developed, reviewed and revised in a meeting in accordance with Education Code Section 56345 and applicable federal laws and regulation
18Dispensing _____means staff constantly in the presence of the youth. Audio/video monitoring may supplement but not substitute for direct visual supervision
19Exigent _____is the ability of a child supervision staff member to independently supervise one or more youth.
20Primary responsibility _____means an urgent and unanticipated event that requires immediate action
21Repackaging _____means the manner in which a person expresses his or her gender through clothing, appearance, behavior, speech, etc
22Separation _____means a process for meeting or exceeding the intent of the standards in an innovative way as approved by the Board pursuant to an application.

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