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Qualitative research basic concepts

Heli Aaltonen

Link a word to its definition

1Qualitative research  _____General statements (theory) are drawn from empirical cases
2Research design  _____It means that you can redefine your research questions during the study
3Inductive logic  _____Combines deductive and inductive logic
4Research methods  _____Exist in the background of all research methods and practical research activities
5WHAT? Research questions _____Questions focusing on causes and consequenses
6Deductive logic  _____You have some guiding questions to start with but freedom to move the conversation in any direction of interest that may come up
7Research plan _____Theories (hypotheses) are tested in empirical world
8Abductive logic  _____In the interview you have outlined topics or themes and you can have variation in wording and sequence or questions
9WHY? HOW? Research questions  _____A written and detailed description of the research design. Guides the study
10Semi-structure interview  _____It means how to do things and in what order
11Literature review  _____Descriptive questions, focus on exploring and describing states, situations and processes
12Iterative reseach process  _____Aims at creating an in-depth understanding of reality. Also the context is important.
13Structured interview  _____Specific ways of data collection and analysis
14Philosophical aspects  _____Contains review of previous research
15Unstructured interview  _____You ask exactly the same questions in the same order from all respondents

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