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Robotics Glossary

Simon Canfield

Here is a glossary of robotics terms with definitions. Match the words to the correct definitions by selecting the ‘Solve Online’ option. Next ‘Check Solution' and then save the completed ‘Printable PDF’ when you have everything correct. Print or save a copy of your completed and correct glossary to add to your robotics journal

Robot Where multiple sequences run at the same time
Flowchart Robot responds to its environment by detecting if it is dark or light
Sensors Elements used to process information coming from sensors
Computation Robot responds to its environment by detecting whether its orange button has been pressed
Actuators Elements used to check the surrounding environment
Switch Blocks These control how many times blocks inside will be repeated
Touch Sensor It shows the chronological steps needed to complete a process
Light Sensor Allows the robot to make a decision based on sensor data
Loops Elements used to produce output from a robot
Parallel Block Sequences These are like suitcases in which information can be stored
Variables A machine that may resemble a human and carry out routine tasks on command

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