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Greek Vocabulary

Ms. Roundtree

Match your vocabulary words with their definitions, please

Hellenic ruled by the people
citizen a government where the votes of citizens directly affect the outcome
democracy seeking wisdom
agrora a play or writing that can be a comedy or tragedy
acropolis an agreement to protect Greek city-states from outside invaders
representative democracy a mixture of Greek culture and another culture
direct democracy a Greek city-state
mythology Greek mathematician who created the Pythagorean theorem
Classical Era a government where rich people rule many
Peninsula stories about gods/goddesses that explain how things came to be
Alexander the Great arguing in crowds
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle a government where one person rules by force
Philosophy military leader who spread Hellenistic culture
Drama Greek-like
Comedy market
Tragedy a sporting event held to honor Zeus
Oligarchy Greek scientist and mathematician, levers and pulleys
Tyranny a play or writing that is funny
Polis a person who can participate in government
Hellenistic high hill
The Delian League a government where people vote for people to represent them
Public Debate a play or writing that is sad
Archimedes Greek philosophers
Olympics a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides
Pythagoras a time period of high achievement

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