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Voc. Quiz #17 Japan


1Tokyo _____Japanese religion that teaches everything in nature has a spirit
2Honshu _____Someone who receives land from a lord of higher rank
3clan _____The commander of the emperor's army.
4constitution _____Someone's behavior
5animism _____The political system base on the bonds of loyaly between a lord and a vassal
6Haiku _____A military lord and leader of a Samurai army
7bushido _____Capital city of Japan
8shinto _____A group related by blood or marriage
9Kyoto _____A plan of government
10katama _____A religion that believes all living things have souls or spirits
11Zheng He _____A Japanese poem containing 3 lines and 17 sylables
12Indian Ocean _____a duty or responsibility
13Trade _____One reason why China wanted to explore other territories
14conduct _____China explored the coast of this ocean
15role _____A long sword used by the Samurai
16Feudalism _____Ancient capital of Japan
17Vassal _____He traveled 105, 300 miles
18daimyo _____The way of the warrior--his code of conduct
19Shogun _____One of Japa's major islands.
20Samurai _____A Japanese warrior

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