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Alpha Adrenergic - Beta Blocker


Norepinephirine Otrivan
Xylometazoline Sudafed
Psedoephedrine Ephedrine
Phenylenphrine Lopressor
Ephedrine Indreal
Terbutaline Hytrin
Dopamine Adrenaline
Salbutomal Serevent
Epinephrine Levophed
Isoproternol Ventolin
Salmeterol Cadura
Propranlol Intropin
Metoprolol Tenormin
Esemolol Isuprel
Bisoprolol Flomax
Atenlol Zebeta
Carvedilol Bricanyl
Terazosin Neo-synophrine
Tamsulosin Bervibloc
Prazosin Coreg
Doxasin Minipress

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