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Modern History

Janine Smith

Matching Terms and Definitions

Anarchism The imposition of one nation’s government, culture and/or economic needs on another nation. It usually involves conquest, settlement, economic exploitation, administrative control and destruction of indigenous cultures.
Terrorism The belief that the best way for any group of people to operate is to share equality – sharing the work, sharing the income and sharing the goods, such as food, told, clothing and shelter.
Autocracy Taking possession of land (and people) that formerly belonged to another country or existed as an independent state.
Colonisation A rejection of all forms of government. The belief that there should be no organized authority and no state institutions; all forms of government should be replaced by social co-operation based on freedom of individual action.
Communism The attempt to influence politics through violence and intimidation.
Democracy Trying to meet the demands of an aggressor in order to avoid a fight.
Monarchy A state of armed conflict between two clearly identifiable groups.
Appeasement:  The rule by one person with unrestricted power.
Annexation A form of government that gives power to the ‘people’.
Imperialism The short name for National Socialism, a form of fascism specific to Germany.
Nazism A system of government in which the head of state is inherited.
Fascism A political system based on common ownership and control of resources and productive processes, which are administered by the government, but in the interests of all the people.
Socialism It occurs when superior weaponry allows a nation-state to take over territory that does not have recognition as a nation-state in European terms. It involves settling the colonized territory with people from the colonizing nation.
Dictatorship A form of government that stresses the power of the state. It is nationalistic and authoritarian.
War A government that is not dependent on the consent of the people being governed. It tolerates neither opposition nor debate.

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