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Australian History_Introduction

Janine Smith

Nineteenth and Twentieth century ideas terminology.

Capitalism  form of government in which the head of state is a citizen of the nation rather than a monarch.
Slavery When large numbers of people within a society become so discontented with life that they rise up and overthrow the government.
Indentured Labour An economic system based on private ownership and free market enterprise.
Suffrage The right to vote.
Darwinism A prison sentence for a convict that was served in exile overseas at a penal colony. It is usually for 7/14 or 21 years depending on the severity of the crime committed.
Egalitarianism The domination of one nation over one or more nations by another, which seeks to se the wealth and people of the dominated nation for its own interests.
Nationalism The belief that everyone should have equal rights and opportunities.
Enlightenment A philosophical movement that placed emphasis on reason rather than tradition and gave rise to many progressive ideas
Absolute Monarchy A view that human beings are in natural competition with each other and accepts that the strongest and most intelligent race or group will naturally dominate the weaker race.
Republic  movement aimed at protecting and improving the rights of individuals.
Imperialism Political system in which monarchs have complete power, including over armed forces.
Liberalism A social movement of people committed to the People’s Charter, a set of basic political claims, including the right to vote.
Convict Transportation The belief that people of a similar race, culture or ideals ought to belong to the same nation state and they are in a position of self government.
Democracy A system in which workers enter contracts to perform labour at reduced wages for a certain period of time, usually at a place far from their home.
Revolution A form of government in which the citizens elect representatives to create laws in their behalf.
Chartism A person who is the property of another person and is frequently worked without pay.

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