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1.monster a very short time:MOMENT
2.surprise  a people who travels to a holy place as an act of religious devotion
3.hundred  to lower the body slight by bending the knees as an act of politeness or respect
4.complete an unborn or recently born person
5.control to show noticeable differences
6.sample to hold in the arms:HUG
7.instant to agree by contract
8.inspect something that is unexpected
9.pilgrim an act of buying
10.contrast a small amount of something that is given to people to try
11.explode  a strange or horrible creature
12.district material of a certain kind
13.address to keep within bounds:RESTRAIN
14.substance entirely done
15.children tem times ten: 100
16.merchant to brust or cause to burst with violence and noise
17.embrace to put direction for delivery on
18.purchase an area or region with some special feature
19.curtsy a person who buys and sells goods especially on a large scale or with foreign countries
20.contract to examine closely

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