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Voc. Quiz #18 Early Middle Ages


1Scandinavia _____Region in the Northern part of Europe
2Fjord _____a duty or responsibility
3missionary _____Japanese religion that teaches everything in nature has a spirit
4excommunicate _____A Japanese warrior
5concordat _____The political system base on the bonds of loyaly between a lord and a vassal
6Haiku _____A Japanese poem containing 3 lines and 17 sylables
7bushido _____The commander of the emperor's army.
8shinto _____important
9significant _____religious person traveling to other areas to convert others
10instance _____Steep valleys in Scandinavia
11enable _____make possible
12exclude _____An agreement between the Pope and a leader of a country
13Charlemagne _____A military lord and leader of a Samurai army
14conduct _____The way of the warrior--his code of conduct
15role _____Someone's behavior
16Feudalism _____Someone who receives land from a lord of higher rank
17Vassal _____to keep out
18daimyo _____to remove someone from being part of the Catholic Church
19Shogun _____The King of the Franks, 1st Roman Catholic emperor
20Samurai _____an example

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