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Primary and Secondary Lesions


Definitions of Primary and Secondary Lesions

Macule (Primary Lesion) Hives, Wheals form an extensive reaction, Pruitic
Patch (Primary Lesion) Thickening of the skin that produces tightly packed sense of papules from prolonged, intense scratching. Looks like the surface of moss or lichen
Papule (Primary Lesion) A skin lesion is repaired and normal tissue is lost and replaced with permanent connective tissue
Plaque (Primary Lesion) Palpable, has irregular borders, edematous, Mosquito Bite, superficial, raised and transient oftening lasting less then 24 hours
Nodule (Primary Lesion) Loss of Epidermis and Dermis with possible bleeding and scarring
Tumor (Primary Lesion) Greater than 1 cm in diameter, usually single chamber, superficial in epidermis and thin walled, like 1st degree burn
Wheal (Primary Lesion) Serious fluid-filled, Clear serum flows if the wall is ruptured, Cold Sore
Uticaria (Primary Lesion) Pus Filled, Acne, Turbid Fluid (puss) in cavity, Circumscribed and elevated
Cysts (Primary Lesion) Palable, circumscribed, < 0.5 cm, Elevated Nevi, Solid Raised Lesion
Vesicle (Primary Lesion) Palpable, Circumscribed, A Wart, Can be hard or soft
Bulla (Primary Lesion) Skin level is depressed with a loss of tissue, Thinning of the Epidermis
Pustule (Primary Lesion) Dried Blood, Serum or Pus Scab, Created when thick, dried out, or exudite vesicles or pustulas burst or dry out
Crust (Secondary Lesion) Lost Epidermis, Moist Surface, Non Bleeding Ruptured Vesicle
Scale (Secondary Lesion) Macule that is greater then 1cm, nonpalable
Erosion (Secondary Lesion) Encapsulated fluid filled cavity in the dermis or subcutaneous layer, tensely elevating the skin
Ulcer (Secondary Lesion) Freckles, nonpalable, less then 1cm
Excoriation (Secondary Lesion) A hypertrophic scar, Skin is elevated by excess scar tissue, looks smooth and rubbery
Scar (Secondary Lesion) Hemangionma, can be firm or soft, may be beign or malignant
Atrophic Scar (Secondary Lesion) Palpable, Scale forms with a surface elevation greater then 1cm, Psoriasis
Lichenification (Secondary Lesion) Superficial Abraision, Can be self inflicted or crusted, Such as Itchy which leads to scratching
Keloid (Secondary Lesion) Flakes of skin that exfoliate, Dandruff, second to psoriasis

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