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Voc. Quiz #19 Early Middle Ages


1Gregory VII _____A peasant who was bound to the land in Medieval times
2Fjord _____An agreement between the Pope and a leader of a country
3Henry IV _____The political system base on the bonds of loyaly between a lord and a vassal
4excommunicate _____The King of the Franks, 1st Roman Catholic emperor
5concordat _____to remove someone from being part of the Catholic Church
6shift _____Steep valleys in Scandinavia
7bushido _____a group or an association of craftsman created to protect their craft
8guild _____Medieval warrior in Europe
9significant _____He was excommunicated by the Pope for disobeying him
10instance _____The Pope who wanted to limit the power of the emperor.
11Chivalry _____a portion of land giving to a vassal
12exclude _____an example
13Charlemagne _____to change from one place to another
14Venice _____a duty or responsibility
15role _____A merchant city in Italy
16Feudalism _____Someone who receives land from a lord of higher rank
17Vassal _____The way of the warrior--his code of conduct
18Serf _____to keep out
19Knight _____important
20Fief _____The Medieval Knights code of conduct

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