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Chapter 12 Terminology!

Level III

Match key words throughout Chapter 12 with the terms presented.

government procedure that checks wholesomeness of poultry airline breast
government procedure that checks quality hen
market term that indicates amount of cleaning and processing of poultry item guinea
market term for species of poultry inspection
market term indicating age and sex of poultry trussing
a castrated male chicken oyster
a mature female chicken rock cornish game hen
a mature male chicken class
a young pigeon kind
domestic poultry related to pheasant magret
tying the legs and wings of poultry to the body to make it compact style
common name of nugget of tender meat in hollow of hip bone capon
special breed of young chicken often marketed at 1lb squab
boneless breast of duck rooster
semi-boneless poultry breast w/ wing bone left in grading

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